Workout from Home: Beginners

Hello everyone,

Are you looking to start body weight exercises and don’t want to visit gym due to covid scare?

Are you a beginner and want to start working out at your home before joining the gym?

So, here is a solution…

Why don’t you start working out at home using your furniture?

Now the question arises, can it be equally good as compared to the equipment available in the gyms?

What if I say YES!!! 

You can always use things readily available at your home for an effective workout. Let me tell you how & which exercises to perform..

Wall sits

Wall sit ups is a form of exercise that strengthens your thigh and muscles around knee joint. It also exerts a good pressure on core area and helps in toning the muscles.

Chair dips

Chair dips tones and strengthens arms, shoulders and pectorals majorly. an exercise that can be easily done with chair of any height and form.

Table pushups

Performing pushups on your desk or any other table can be a useful hack for beginners with body weight training. This exercise tones pectorals, arms, core and shoulders to get in a perfect shape.

Stairs jump

Stairs can be used for squat jump exercise. In this exercise, stairs replace the box which is generally used in gymnasiums.

Go ahead & enjoy your Workout from home with work from home..!!!

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