Workout: a remedy for stress

Yes, you read it right!!! Stress is nowadays a regular feature of our daily lifestyle be it related to work or due to some or the other personal issues. Exercising regularly do keep the stress levels in check and your body is pumped up with energy throughout the day. It is a known scientific fact that exercising on a regular basis helps in release of Endorphins ‘THE HAPPY HORMONE’ thus reducing your stress levels.

Keeping it light in the beginning is always recommended rather than going on a full throttle. A progressive aerobic exercise regime is a great measure for improving hormones release.

A few exercise form suggestion for the same:

Walking a mile

Start walking!! It’s a well known and accepted form of exercise recommended to all age groups and all kind of body types. Walking not only improves your mood but also improves your bone strength and muscle pumping action. A regular walk of around 30-45 minutes is highly beneficial for improving metabolic rate of your body. You can very well increase the time and speed progressively as per your convenience.


This is the general progression of walking exercise and a great stress relieving form of workout. The benefits are obviously better than walking but caution should be taken by old age population and people with cardio-pulmonary dysfunctions. Also it is advised to start under supervision of a physical trainer or a physiotherapist.


Yet another form of workout which is appropriate for all the age groups and the water properties does help in promoting relaxation and alleviating the mood. It can be done by people having joint pains and does a great help in body toning.


It is said to be a wholesome workout as it incorporates both relaxation and muscle toning part of a workout. Practicing yoga not only improves mood swings but also helps in improvement of concentration levels.


Sports activities

Be it a competitive or non competitive form of sports, a team game or game requiring single player at a side it is always fun to indulge in them. A regular playing time not only get your happy face on but also gets you in a social circle as well.

Note: Kindly consult a Physio before starting a workout routine on your own.

Pick an exercise routine & start de-stressing!!!

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