Winter is coming..

Although it’s a cliched phrase thanks to the famous TV series but I can assure you it has nothing to do with the Game Of Thrones.

With the winters approaching and air getting colder specially in the early hours of the day, exercising outdoors can be tricky and harmful at times.

Here are a few tips for exercising safely and healthily during the cold weather

Layer up

It’s very important to cover up to get insulated from the cold air flowing in the weather. If caught up in the air, it may cause respiratory infections or the person can get affected by cold & cough. Regular ignorance to the condition can lead to severe chest conditions along with fever.

A light weight tracksuit or a warm fleece sweatshirt with full leg tights underneath the track pants will prevent cold air to penetrate through it thus preventing from exposure to the cold air. A skull cap can also be added which appropriately covers up ear openings. A bandana tied on nose and mouth can be helpful in preventing the cold air directly reaching lungs.

Breathing exercise

In winters the cold air is generally dry and when inhaled can cause bronchospasm i.e. tightness of lung field and can aggravate COPD(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) namely Bronchitis and Emphysema. So, caution should be taken just to avoid any complications with inhalation of cold air specially while exercising outdoors.

‘Pursed Lip Breathing’ is the best form of exercise to be practiced to prevent any form of complications aroused by cold air inhalation. It’s done by inhaling through nose slowly and exhaling by mouth in a slower manner. The air gets warmed up before hitting lungs and it has proved to be a great warm-up exercise and a beneficial pattern for controlled breathing while exercising as well.

Fuel yourself

Go for warmer foods in winters for replenishing body needs. A Soup with veggies and lentil soup is a great meal for post workout inflammation and rebuilding muscles. A warm cup of hot chocolate with milk gives proteins and carbs needed and helps warming up from the inside as well. A diet rich in antioxidants and protein-carb laden diet is recommended for the cold weather that helps keeping body warm and nourished.

Hydrate adequately

A common mistake done while exercising in the cold weather is not to drink plenty of fluids during and post workout. A well hydrated body reacts well to the change in weather and it keeps the immune system very well guarded in the particular weather favorable for infections to develop. Although there is a lack of thirst in the winters as compared to summer season it is advisable to drink at least 3/4th of the fluid intake than in summers. Green tea and soups are a good option for replenishment of fluid lost along with the intake of sports drinks. Keep a bottle of water around while exercising and don’t ignore any sign of thirst.

Note: Get checked from a Physician or a Physio for any chronic chest ailment before starting exercising outdoors.

SO, wake up the wolf inside you and own the winters!!!

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