What we love about Holi!!!

All of us have played Holi as children and still celebrate like kids when it comes to play with colors and water balloons or water squirting guns. It’s such a vibrant festival that wherever you gaze you will see colors in the sky, on the road, on people like everywhere. It’s a festival of love, friendship and like every festival it gives us message of choosing good over evil. This festival of colors is celebrated almost all around India and now getting a global identity as a festival as well.

We all have our different reasons to love the festival, listing a few of them here:

Colors, Lots of it

That’s the feel of this festival. You go around and there’s a cloud of color, usually a mixture of all the vibrant colors like pink, red, green, yellow, blue, violet and many more. People apply or you can say rub the colored powder aka Gulal on each other and show affection and love towards each other.

Social life improvement

Holi is such a festival where even strangers can be seen hugging each other, wishing each other and even sharing a laugh with each other. Its such a lively atmosphere around everywhere that you can hardly stay away from the good feel about the festival. Social gatherings and celebration in large groups can be seen in society. A great day to meet with your friends and relatives and enjoy with your family.

Sweets and food

Well, that’s the core of all the Indian festivals. How can you celebrate any festival without having sweets!! And the most special kind of sweet offered is the GUJIYA, which happens to be my favorite kind of sweet dish ever. Food delicacies are prepared to celebrate this festival. So, basically a fest for foodies!!

The learnings

Like any other festival, this festival also gives the message of Victory of Good over Evil. It also denotes the arrival of spring after winter. This festival is all about spreading happiness n love. It also symbolises a festival which is celebrated as a thanksgiving for good harvest.


That’s one drink we absolutely love to drink on holi. It’s a drink that’s made with milk, rose petals, saffron and almonds. It is served cold which enhances its taste to the next level. Some people do mix bhaang(Indian origin cannabis) in thandai to get in high spirits.

We wish you all a very Happy Holi!!

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