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Don’t we all love watching Salt Bae sprinkling salt on food while preparing it? That image of him doing that have inspired almost all of us to copy that move and show our culinary skills. But the major question still remains that how much quantity of salt does a human body need on a daily basis and how can we cut down on intake of the salt? This post is just about that.. have a good read..

SALT (Chemical name: NaCl i.e. Sodium Chloride)

An essential ingredient of all our food chain, which enhances the taste of no matter what we are eating. Whether we are in the preparation mode or while cooking or topping our salads, Salt is used everywhere and like every time. Are we watching the intake of this ingredient, are we differentiating between the necessity and overuse of salt?

A person normally takes meals 3 times a day and snacks in between the meal times. Have we thought about the quantity of salt packaged food or snacks contain? Does it exceed our daily limit and slowly starts piling to the toxic side?

It has always been ignored and generally its intake is restricted only after a person develops certain disorders like hypertension or cardiac disease, why not earlier?

**Daily intake of salt should not be more than 6 grams i.e. around 1 teaspoon which constitutes of 2.4 grams of sodium although World Health Organisation recommends less than 5 grams to take in order to prevent and control of high blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardio-vascular disease.

Try these simple tips to cut down on your salt intake on a daily basis.

Ditch the table shakers

Remove the salt shaker from the dining table/space. A practice which will effectively reduce the consumption of excessive salt intake in your daily diet. Gradually, it ll become a habit to not to reach for salt shaker with every meal.

Cut the habit of munching on salty snacks

If you have a habit of snacking on high salt munchies, then you need to check yourself. No matter how much you limit your hand in cooking, the purpose is lost if you are chewing on salty snacks before or even after your meals. Opt for healthy food stuffs for mid-meal snacking or even mid-night snacking like fruits, salads, dry fruits etc.

Read the contents of packed foods

Always… Always do that!! Start reading the contents of whichever packed food item you are picking and go for the lower sodium content packed food instead. It ll help in further reduction of sodium intake in your daily dietary meals.

Use less or no salt in preparation of food

Conditioning ourselves while preparing food with less or no salt may take some time but if we will start doing it now then hopefully we will be able to eliminate at least one factor of developing heart risk or hypertension. Salt is an ingredient which can always be added afterwards if it is needed.

If we can condition ourselves and the next generation for lesser salt consumption, we may defer a large amount of cardiac-related disorders in future!!!

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