Type of friends we need in life

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What’s life without friends.. eh?? Friendship is the purest form of relation anyone can have. We have school friends, college friends, friends from work, neighbor friends, sports friends and the list goes on & on… We tend to stick to a fewer friends as we grow up and settle in life in whom we confide and are the most comfortable with. Every other person have a different personality and at times friendship grows as per need of the hour.

This listing is based on the persona of people to be friends with at least one of the kind..

A critic

Having a critic in a friend is very essential for every person. At least that person will not shy away from pointing out your mistakes and you can talk with your friend about your doings if you think no one is giving you an honest feedback on your thoughts.

A sarcastic one

Who doesn’t need a funnybone in their friend circle? Having a sarcastic one in your group of friends never keeps you hanging in a dull mood. We can learn to take things lightly from the person and have a great person to hang out with.

A generous one

Having a generous friend is always beneficial, at least to us. A person from whom you can borrow things if you need some. But please do make it a point to return the favor, otherwise he will turn into a furious one.

A resourceful one

You need a contact or need to get some work done in some government department or anything, having a resourceful chap around have its perks in getting your things done. And maybe you may add some new contacts with the help of your friend.

A host

People who love to host parties are a must to have in our friends list. A person who can take all the pain in organizing parties and get-together are angels-in-disguise for everyone who love to party.

A brain-stormer

If you are confused at some point and unable to get to any conclusion, then the brain-stormer of the friends group is the person to go to. This is the person who always gets you out of the fix with fresh ideas or even sits with you to find the solution of your problem. Always brimming up with new ideas, this is that friend you would want to start your business with or discuss your business ideas.

Friends are for life or should we say  friends are life!!

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