Types of exercises

As the summers have arrived in full force with the gradual increase in temperature on a daily basis, it’s the best time to start your exercise routine in order to get fit. And most importantly you need to get the concept of exercise very clear. It doesn’t mean that you have to perform strenuous activities like rowing, cycling or running. A particular type of exercise alone may not suit you and it may be needed to change the approach towards your workout regimen. A workout mixed up of all the types of exercises is a great measure to maximize your fitness levels and minimize the risks of injuries.

Here are the different type of exercises:

Aerobic exercises

The type of exercise which gets your heart rate and respiratory rate up are the kind of exercises listed under Aerobic exercise. Running, Cycling, Dancing, Swimming are a few types of this category. These kind of exercises reduces risk factors on cardio-vascular front, enhances metabolic rate hence helping in weight control and also are recommended for prevention and management of Type-2 Diabetes, Hypertension and thyroid dysfunctions.

Strength exercises

Performing these exercises develops the lean muscle mass hence making muscles much more stronger and help reducing weight to a larger extent. If done right, it can be initiated in any age group and can be practiced for as long as desired. Any kind of resistance or weights can provide you the desirable strength workout like dumb-bells, weight cuffs, resistance tubes, crunches etc.

Balance exercises

A kind of workout purely working on improving the balance of your body whether it is post injury, post pregnancy or in old age. Inclusion of these exercises in your regular workout routine helps you get stability and strength not only to the weak/unstable areas of your body but your whole body structure as well. Balancing exercises also enhance the ability of your muscles to control your body movements.

Flexibility exercises

As the name suggests, these are the exercises which are needed to improve the muscular flexibility and increase the range of motions of joints. A routine of stretching does make your muscles less prone to injuries and also serves as a great kind of cool down workout.

Note: Kindly consult a Physio for assessment before starting workout on your own if you are suffering from any musculo-skeletal disorder.

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