Try doing these things while you are with your family in lockdown

First of all, Stay Home Stay Safe..

We have ample of free time to spend in the lockdown period and most of us are either hooked up on watching some series, brushing up our culinary skills and things we ain’t able to pursue in our daily lives. Most importantly majority of us are spending time with our families which I think is great. And there are a few things that we should be trying to get improve our connection with family. And trust me you won’t regret!!

Hug your father

Yes!! Hug your father like never before. Although most of us share more of an awkward relation with the most responsible member of our family. We almost daily hug our mother but fathers are often left out from this beautiful loving gesture. A word of thanks for all the sacrifices he has made all his life will definitely bring a smile on his wrinkled face.

Comfort your mother

Mothers are the most loving creature god has ever made. She is our shield against any of the difficulty this big bad world has to offer. She always believes in us but sometimes she is taken for granted in return for her infinite love and affection. Take some time and sit with her for some time and ask her about whatever things you haven’t talked about, whether its her health or some small things which may be irritating her. If you ll do it, mark my words, it ll make her day. 

Dance with your partner

When was the last time time you danced with your partner, alone, with only both of you present in the room?? It doesn’t matter whether its Bhangra, Hip-Hop, Break Dance or a form of Close Dance, it ll just sweeten the pie a bit more. A great way to re-ignite the spark and rekindle the love within the relationship!!

Share your childhood memories with your children

Showing your children your childhood pictures, sharing stories of your childhood will be a great way to spend time with the millennial generation. They ll be able to connect to you and the their love will grow more and more towards you. You can also try playing games of your times which you used to play as a kid to chill as well.  Believe it or not, you’ll be sharing a good laugh over these things and you’ll make a bag full of happy memories!! 

Be with your family and have fun!!

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