Travelling workout

Can’t follow a workout regimen due to your hectic travelling or rather shunting between work and home? What if you can exercise effectively while on the move as well. This post may be able to provide solution for that. You will be able to keep your muscles toned and may prove considerably helpful in staying fit in whatever time you have while your daily long travel.

Have a look at these exercises and get started

 The stair route

Staircases are present almost everywhere we go be it office, metro stations or even skywalk to cross the road. Start using them more often rather than using elevators or escalators. They are a great tool for exercising your lower body and can be used for burst workout if done in a faster way. You can skip 1 or 2 stairs and climb them making it a upwards lunge walk as well. Regular use of stairs improves the basal metabolic rate hence making you fit & healthy.

Busy people climbing up and down the stairs, crowd near architectural building

Catch the last coach

It’s a recommended practice for those people who are frequent travelling through metro/subway trains. A simple yet a practical approach to get your steps increased and staying active on the go. Always try to catch the last coach of train from your end to gain those extra step count and a little more calorie expenditure.

Squats on waiting bench

While you are waiting for the next bus or metro to arrive and happen to be sitting on the bench, make the time useful and get your set of squats started then and there itself. And if by any chance you happen to have an empty bench to yourself, you can modify the simple squat in to weight shifting squats alternating on legs and sitting towards the weight bearing leg.

Pushups on supporting rails

Make the most of your waiting time to work on your upper body as well. Performing pushups on rails available at bus stops or metro stations can be a great form of exercise. You can do pushup sets on the station you get in and at the stop you get off the transportation. The more connecting stations you come across the more are sets of pushups.

Take charge of your body and get it fit even on the move!!!

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