To do list to make your heart strong

Hello everyone,

29th of September is celebrated as ‘World Heart Day’ across the globe. It aims to create awareness on Cardiac disease prevention. On this World Heart day, here is a to-do list to make your heart stronger and mightier..

Start a workout routine

Starting a workout routine and following it regularly helps your heart in developing Cardio-Pulmonary stamina. It reduces the stress on your heart walls and make them agile for any extra load if needed. A healthy workout should be of at least 30-45 minutes of duration and should increase your heart rate by 60-70%.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of the major causes of developing a cardiac disorder and also of heart attack. Nicotine tar gets accumulated in lungs hence decreasing the oxygen carrying capacity of blood cells.

Eat more salads

Avoid eating oily/deep fried food in your meals rather add salads in your daily diet. Adding salad in your daily diet increases fibre content which helps in weight reduction and cholesterol reduction as well.

Drink ample amount of water

You need to hydrate yourself amply in order to reduce load on your heart and also keep in mind not to overload yourself with fluids. Generally, a normal human being needs around 3 ltr of water to consume daily for a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid alcohol

Avoiding alcoholic drinks whenever you can is yet another way of keeping your heart healthy and strong. Regular consumption of alcohol makes your heart weaker and prone to heart attacks.

Now is the time to start working towards having a healthy heart!!!

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