Tips for migraine pain

Migraine is a type of headache with varying intensity and is often accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. The headache is sometimes preceded by warning signs & symptoms. It get triggered by hormonal changes, certain food or drinks, exposure to harsh light and sound, stress and exercise. The patient may experience a dull ache in half of head and at the base of eye, shorter periods of throbbing pain in between the headache.

If you experience migraine headache too often then try these tips to get relief:

Dim the lights

Try resting in a dark and quite room if your headache is bothering you. light and sound sensitivity is seen in patients with migraine pain. So, it is advised to dim the lights or cover the windows with darker shades to get relief from migraine.

Hot or cold compress

Placing a hot or cold compress on forehead and at back of the neck may relieve the symptoms of migraine pain. Ice or cold compress should be preferred due to its numbing effect helping in distraction of brain. Although hot compress may also work as it promotes relaxation of tensed neck muscles. The choice of compress may differ from person to person.

Woman lying in bed with ice pack on forehead.

Massage your temples

Massaging your temples softly may help relieving the tension created due to headache and promoting relaxation. Massaging improves the circulation around forehead and hence helps in diminishing of symptoms.


Lavender fragrance can induce relaxation and is generally used at spas to do the same. Sipping lavender tea may also help while you are experiencing the migraine. Or you can simply smell the lavender essential oil to promote relaxation.


Consuming caffeinated beverages have always been the first choice in any case of headache. But just don’t overdo it..

Practice relaxation

Whether it’s stretches, yoga, meditation or progressive muscle relaxation, learning how to relax in midst of a headache can definitely help you with the pain.

Or you can get some sessions of Physiotherapy for your neck spasms if any.

Consult a Physician or a Physio if your symptoms do not reduce with these tips..

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