Tips for combating depression instead of opting for substance abuse

Understanding Depression

Depression is a common mental disorder affecting a large population across the world and is seen in every age group. It is a kind of mental health issue which is not gender specific but yes, it is seen in women more than men. Cases of depression have risen more in the COVID -19 Pandemic times many times than were seen in the time before it. Why? It’s because people are confined to their places and not being able to go out and hang out with friends to ease the mental pressure of day to day life.

Many people have taken resort to substance abuse which is actually not acceptable either as an excuse or as an easy way to come out of the depression. Some people give the lamest of the excuses to shield themselves and get into the comfort zone of getting high on substances. One of the weirdest excuse that we have came around is that it makes it easier to focus in one direction and get the work done. My simple question to those guys is ” Have you tried any other way of coping with depression and enhancing your concentration? Have you been high on life rather than finding a substance to rely upon to get high?” NO??

Lets give all of you a list of coping up tips with depression without getting into substance abuse..


If you are anxious or feeling low and not able to concentrate on some thing you need to work on, first you need to get away from all the anxiety and depression to concentrate. And the one and foremost practice to improve your concentration and calm yourself is Meditation. With regular practice your brain can easily manage stress and anxiety factors that usually trigger Depression. And more importantly if the meditation is done right, it gives such an amazing light headed experience that there is absolutely no need of getting addicted to certain substances.

Talking to someone close

Talking to your loved ones who understand your feelings help a lot. You need to express yourself instead of keeping your feelings to yourself. Talk to your loved ones, your friends or join a support group to vent out your feelings. If you have a tendency to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself then you are at higher risk of developing depression. You just need to push a bit and you ll find people to connect with and a good conversation can surely replace your cravings for any psychedelic.

Get creative

With depression, brains tend to loose their creativity and their sense of fun is blocked away. Reinvent your hobbies and do whatever you feel like doing that makes you happy. The basic idea is to get that happy hormones flowing in your body. Accomplish something by reinventing yourself through hobbies or any creative doings. Trust me, there is nothing as high as getting praised for your creations.


Exercise has always been a great tool to detoxify and reach that happy state of mind which is needed to achieve a light mood and a clear head. Whether you sweat it out in gym or go for a run, it doesn’t matter as long as you are making your blood rushing through your muscles which actually helps you a lot for attaining a bull-eye concentration. In case you feel like reaching for a drink or any other substance if you are feeling low, try going for a walk instead, and you’ll not be disappointed.

Take a break

Are you tired of your monotonous lifestyle and that’s the excuse you have to grab next opportunity to get high?? TAKE A BREAK!!! Yes, take a break from your work for a day or a few if you ain’t able to focus. But please, don’t make it an excuse for getting drunk. Do something else than your work and phase out of the problem you are stuck upon for a long time. Sometimes getting away from a problem for sometime and approaching it with different perspective with a fresh mind helps.

Try these tips instead of combating depression and looking for an excuse of getting high!!

Get high on life, Get addicted to happiness!!

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