Tips for all the amateur athletes

Hello all,

This post is a big shout-out for all the amateur athletes out there!!

For all the people who enjoy any kind of sport and want to get better at it..

This post is for every person who enjoys physical activity whether it is running, cycling playing a competitive sport or even enjoys a good day of pumping iron..

Listen to your body

Yes, you read it right.. Our body gives us a sign every now and then when we are pushing ourselves physically. Don’t get too enthusiastic and go light on pushing yourselves if it starts to hurt while your exercise routine. You need to slow down once in a while to avoid injuries and prevent yourself from burning out. We are not asking you to back down completely but yes it would be better to go easy on your muscles once in a few days for optimum recovery.

Rest is golden for your recovery

None of the athlete we see in a great form have never achieved it without ample rest. Remember, if you do not rest you do not recover and hence your chances of injuring yourself multiplies manifold. It is mandatory for every person who is training intensively aerobically or anaerobically to have a rest day or 2 in a week. It promotes your recovery and improves your form of chosen sport. Otherwise, either you’ll injure your muscles or your skeletal system( joints, bones, ligaments) will be compromised for the rest of your life.


Water is that wonder supplement which is essential for maintaining and improving your muscle tone after a workout. If you don’t drink water in ample amount then you’re making your soft tissues vulnerable to injury and cramps. It regulates your body temperature and helps your body to cool down effectively.

Stretch regularly

A mantra for all the athletes whether they are amateur or professional. Always perform your stretches. And on your off days too. Stretching your muscles regularly keeps your muscle fibers flexible and agile during the workout and don’t let the fluid accumulate after a heavy workout. It reduces the chances of injury and is a great tool for faster recovery.

Achieve a better form!!!

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