Tips for achy and painful joints in humid and rainy weather


A question which has always been raised by the people suffering from degenerative disorders like Osteo-Arthritis(the most common type of wear & tear type of arthritis causing joint pains), Rheumatoid Arthritis, or people recovering from an injury(muscular or bony), or people with past history of injuries. Even some clinicians and healthcare people are yet to discover the main reason behind it.

Well, there are a few theories about it..

First being the drop in barometric pressure leading the fluid around joints to get increased thus making joints stiff and swollen.

Another one being the expansion of inflamed tissues in the humid weather resulting in flaring up of pains.

Although research is still going on whether the change in weather is responsible for the increased joint aches or not. But it is usually observed that the degenerative joint pains worsen with increase in humidity.

We are not here to dishearten you guys or give the souls suffering from these pains a psychosomatic trigger by this post, We are here to share some tips to combat the pains and aches you may encounter in the upcoming humid & rainy season.

Hot fomentation

Keeping yourself warm or giving the aching joints a short session of heat may give relief to the stiffness of the muscles and ease your pain. Caution should be taken if the joint is already swollen and it is better to avoid applying heat therapy to the swelled up area. Patients with chronic pains can benefit from hot compress but avoid it in patients with Rheumatoid arthritis having swelling in joints.

Ice packs

Ice application or cold compress is a tool which can definitely help people with swelling around joint with aches and reduce the stiffness around the joint.  Although, some patients may have aversion to the cold application to already achy joints. Caution should be taken with such patients.

Light exercises

Patients with stiffness and pains should be encouraged to perform light range of motion exercises (as their joint allows), Remember, there should not be any exertion or strain applied to the joint. Performing light movement of joints allows muscles around to pump to drain the extra fluid and ease the muscle stiffness.

Hydrate appropriately

Drinking plenty of water in this humid weather is more important than in dry summer season. We tend to sweat more diffusely due to increased humidity in the atmosphere and hence the fluid loss is greater. Our joint fluids are also affected by increased sweating and they get reduced a bit leading to stiffness of joints. So, it is highly advisable to stay hydrated all the time in this weather.

Consult your Physiotherapist

Consult your Physio if you are experiencing any difficulty like pain or stiffness in your joints or back or neck. Physios are movement experts, they will help you and guide you to choose the right modality and will instantly give you fix of relief.

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