Things we should be doing in the next decade

Hey what’s up everybody!!! Since we all are reeling from the roller coaster ride of this year we thought that you may be interested in a fresh outlook for the coming decade.. We prepared a list of a few things we all should be doing or at least consider doing them in near future.

Switch to renewable energy

As we all know that power resources are depleting everyday with the high consumption needed in the day to day development and switching to renewable energy is the most logical option. Even on the personal level, we can switch over to use Solar energy and Water resources for clean and renewable energy. Placing a solar panel on the roof for the source of electricity can very well help us reduce the electricity bill and help us save the big bucks.


Its high time we start following it while we have been preaching it for so long time. A few negligible changes can make a big difference like

ditching the print on paper and keeping it on screen

using reusable metal straws in spite of plastic ones

carrying your own water bottle or flasks rather than taking a plastic cup

using the recycled paper, making planters in used plastic bottles

Explore AI

Artificial Intelligence is the new tomorrow. Let’s try and explore more and more about AI and help reduce the human effort in doing daily chores. It will lead to make the people free to create and take out time for their hobbies, families and things they like doing. The fear of people in which AI takes over and rule over human race can only happen in fiction!!! 

Reduce carbon footprint

It’s a well known fact that our planet is slowly stepping towards a meltdown and if we don’t do anything about it then I guess even the almighty will not be able to help us. We all should start working on reducing the emissions we generate throughout the day individually and that will help reducing the carbon footprint on a whole.

Your contribution matters!!!

Electric cars

Switching to electric cars in future is as logical as anything. As the oil reserves are depleting daily and its prices hiking on a day to day basis is eating our economy and our increasing our daily expenses. While replacing electrical cars can cut that expense to a much less amount and help us control the carbon emissions in the environment as well. We consider it a more logical change to be seen in near future as all the major car makers are already foraying in the field and giants like Audi, BMW, Tesla and many more have their supercars ready that use electric fuel to run their beasts.

Grow more resilient towards disabled

Yes, we have to be more sensitive about this particular topic. Why?

Many of the people still act irresponsibly or are ignorant about treating disabled in an equal and diligent way. Offices should become more friendly towards hiring staff who are differently abled and given equal rights. Wheelchair ramps, Braille keyboards and other things which are necessary for making their access easy should be installed in offices more and more.

Many more things to add in the list..!!!

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