Things to do in quarantine

In the days of Coronavirus pandemic, even people who does not have any of the disease symptoms are asked to do social distancing and stay in self-quarantine. Since all the institutional organisations, shopping malls and other public places of gatherings are closing or being closed already it is highly advisable to stay indoor of your house and not socialise in order to check the disease spread. Most of the offices have instructed their employees to work from home and self hygiene protocols are being propagated through out media and internet pages to raise awareness.

But being alone in social distancing gets boring and monotonous.. What are the things that can be done if you are quarantined??

Netflix & chill

The only thing we always wanted is to binge watch all the movies and series available on the online media platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Youtube & many more like these portals. So, since we are on a social distancing mode, we have got all the time to pursue that desire to watch a movie marathon at our place and chill by ourselves.


Although there is a general panic outbreak regarding the spread of COVID-19 and many people are experiencing anxiety issues and a degenerate form of depression. In the times like these it calls for a session of meditation to calm your nerves and stay positive. The quarantine have given us the opportunity and time to arrange our thoughts.

Read a book

Do you remember when was the last time you read a book without looking down on your laptop or mobile phone?? Do you enjoy a good read but don’t get time due to your hectic schedule?? Well, this is the appropriate time to pursue that!! Pick up a book and start reading. Since we cannot meet our friends in this quarantine phase, lets make books our friends.

Call a friend

We are only not supposed to meet our friends, but we can always call our friends for a chit-chat. We can call our friends in group and even video chat in groups as well. What better option to kill the boredom than to talking to bunch of buddies. Stay connected!!

Explore a hobby

Pick up a hobby you can explore and you might enjoy it. You can try cooking a different cuisine, you can paint(if the material is available with you), sketch or try your hand at anything you like and can do while you are in your home.

Stay home, Stay safe!!

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