Tennis elbow pain

As the name suggests its categorized as a sports injury but in modern times its seen in people from all the aspects of life. It arise from inflammation of the tendon(tendonitis) present on the outer side of elbow. The most remembered case of tennis elbow is that of legendary Indian cricketer Mr. Sachin Tendulkar who had to get it surgically treated because of the regular strain on the tendon due to obvious reasons.

So, instead of making it worse or developing it, here are a few exercises that can be done to prevent as well as recovering from it.

Grip clenching

Poor grip strength is one of the major causes of arousal of elbow pain leading forearm muscles to overwork and compensate for the weak grip. All you need is a towel roll and a table to perform this exercise. Towel is squeezed and held for 10 seconds. It should be repeated 10 times on both the hands.

Forearm supination

The group of muscles responsible for the supination movement of forearm are attached at the point where the pain of tennis elbow originates. Weakness of the supinator muscle group are also responsible for this pain. To perform this exercise elbow is supported on knee/table and the forearm is rolled in such a motion in which the palm face the ceiling. It should be started without weight and progressed with weight. A set of 3 with 10 repetitions can easily be done.

Wrist extension

The group of muscles involved in this exercise are majorly involved in racquet sports due to their action as stabilizers. Wrist extensors often get overused and start to pain hence leaving them weak and spasmodic. A light weight dumbbell or a resistance band can be used to perform this exercise preferably repeating 10 times in a set of 3.

Wrist flexion

The group of muscles working opposite to the extensor group are also subjected to overuse and weakness in the particular condition. Just like the extensor muscle group, the flexor group of muscles can also be trained with a light weight dumbbell to start with which is helpful in both prevention and healing the condition.

Forearm twists

This exercise helps the forearm to strengthen and stretch at the same time making it powerful and to be able to endure the forces that induce the tennis elbow condition. It can be done with a towel or a flexible tube.

Note: Kindly consult a Physio for assessment and in case your pain increase after performing these exercises.

So, don’t let your elbow pain stop you from achieving things you are meant to be!!!

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