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Hey everyone!!

Firstly, wish all of you a very happy and prosperous new year!!

Today we are going to discuss about the resolutions taken every year for becoming fit and healthy on the very first day of an year and breaking it afterwards. Most of the fitness centers and gymnasiums do a fabulous business in the first month of an year and it generally gets down as the time passes by. Main question remaining ” Why people are not able to continue this fabulous resolution and fail to continue exercises?” All sorts of excuses are given in the favor of discontinuing it, be it blaming the weather or the party season or the good old work pressure.

Let’s keep it on positive note and try again with these simple tips:

Choice of workout

Always choose your workout according to your body type and your present state of health. People often take up the kind of workout which are either too much strenuous for them or does not support their health resulting in muscle injuries or health hazards at times. Always remember to take it slow and progressive if you are starting to exercise after a considerable amount of time. Rest is equally important in intervals so as to let your muscles cope up with the increased muscle tension in the initial phase of exercising.

Pledge your time

One of the most important aspect of continuing your workout is to pledge a certain amount of time to do it on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter if its morning, evening, or afternoon you just have to take out time for the routine and be consistent on that particular time for a reasonable number of days. After doing so, you’ll be able to do it without any hesitance.

Take a look

YES!! U read it right. Take a look at yourself and decide if you want to continue staying in the same shape you are currently in or you want to change your personality. Take a look on your blood tests and see the violated parameters that can be controlled by means of exercise and aim to reduce them in order to step towards a healthier lifestyle and a fit body. Being a self critic is always the best form of motivation anyone can get.

Note: Kindly consult a Physio to know the appropriate form of exercise according to your body type and current state of health.

Try keeping the resolution alive this time!!!

Any queries and suggestions are very much welcome!!

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