Stay active if Diabetic

As we all know Diabetes being a disease in which either the body doesn’t produce insulin to combat the increased blood glucose levels or doesn’t use insulin efficiently to lower the glucose levels. It has become more prevalent in modern times with a number of underlying factors. Cases keep increasing every year proportionally and we ourselves are more of responsible for getting it developed in our sacred bodies.

A routine of workout session helps in decreasing the effect of disease as well as provides a great deal in prevention of the same serious disease which is often termed as ‘THE SILENT KILLER’. Exercising regularly is a great measure in managing diabetes among other effective ways namely weight control, eating a balanced meal and taking the prescribed medicine. You can take up Walking, Jogging, Cycling, Strength training, Yoga or any sporting activities for the sake of exercising.

For further motivation, here are a few benefits of exercising in diabetes:

Controls your weight

Staying active on a regular basis does help you get your weight under control which is often one of the major reasons behind developing of diabetes. Always remember to start slow and keep realistic goals in order to achieve a healthy weight loss graph.

Strengthens your bones

Calcium of bones gets depleted when the blood sugar levels are raised continuously as in uncontrolled diabetes. A regular workout session does improve the bone structure and makes it strong over the period of time. Blood flow improves with regular exercise hence increasing the nutrient flow to the skeletal system to make it further stronger.

Lean and strong muscles

In uncontrolled diabetes, muscle fibers are prone to get atrophied (decrease in size) and may cause permanent muscle mass loss as well. Its a well known fact that exercising regularly does conditioning of muscles making them flexible and strong. When a diabetic patient workout regularly, he/she is less prone of getting any muscular issues associated with high glucose levels.

Increased energy levels

As diabetes is a kind of disease which makes you fatigue earlier than usual due to increased levels of blood glucose in the body. Uncontrolled diabetes makes muscles less flexible and weak over a long time period. With a regular bout of exercise, glucose levels dip in a controlled manner hence helping the energy levels stay put throughout the day.

Better sleep

Diabetes patient are well known to get a disturbed sleep pattern. It may be due to the urge of urinating or cramps or any other symptom if the sugar levels are uncontrolled. Regular workout session keeps the symptoms at bay and hence help the patients get a better sleep.

Note: Kindly consult your Physician and your Physio to get a suitable exercise routine for you.

Heads up for diabetics, get started on your exercise routine now!!!

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