Shy away from soreness

With the weather warming up now is the time to ditch your blankets and get back into workout mode. And with the starting of exercises after a long period of time soreness of muscles come into play in the first few days of workout. If you experience muscle tightness with a dull ache without movement or a deep pain with restriction of movement after a day of starting your exercise routine or after increasing your workout intensity/time then it is known as DOMS(Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) or Muscle soreness in general terminology.

Here are a few tips to deal with soreness

Ice application/Ice bath

Ice application or Ice bath will definitely get you relieved with the symptoms associated with the soreness. It decreases the inflammation in and around muscles by decreasing the blood flow to the paining soft tissues. And it also acts as a local painkiller. Caution should be taken about not keeping the ice application to a prolonged time as it may cause Ice-burns.

Stretch it out

Stretching the sore muscles is a way to making your muscles eased up against the spasm developed after a bout of workout. Gentle and slow stretches are recommended to the stiff muscles to regain their flexibility and washing down the lactic acid accumulated in them.

Warming up

Warm-up exercises are highly recommended before starting a workout in order to reduce the occurrence of soreness in muscles. Warming up your muscles before a proper designated workout is helpful in making muscles flexible so that they can very well take the load of the main workout. It may include cycling, walking for a few meters, doing light exercises with complete range of motion of limbs.


Hydrating yourself aptly is also a good thing to practice to get rid of sore muscles. Increasing water intake will help flushing down the lactic acid accumulation and will ease up the muscles. Proper hydrated body also stand at a lower risk of getting muscular cramps.

Appropriate workout

Always choose your workout or shift on any workout with caution and give yourself some fair amount of time to adjust rather than being too enthusiastic and throw yourself into a high intensity workout all of a sudden. It will increase your chances of getting injured. Slow and steady is always a great idea when it comes to exercises.

Note: Kindly consult a Physio if you experience pains after a workout regime.

Kick the soreness away and get going!!!

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