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Hello everyone,

As the ADHM (Airtel Delhi Half Marathon) which is one of the most awaited running event in the capital of India is around the corner, I would like to share some of the tips for all the fellow runners and running enthusiasts to boost up the running experience. These points will help you in the short term improvement in the running speed and stamina which is always needed in plenty by each and every participant. And moreover doing all these will never ever induce injuries and rather improve a great deal of running miles if they are done in the long run as well.

So folks, here are the exercises:

Heel raise

This is the exercise which is highly recommended for all the runners whether they are long distance or short distance runners. It is simply done by raising heels while standing for a time period of at least 30 seconds. Athlete can walk with heels raised as well upto 50 meters in one go. A good exercise for athletes experiencing shin pain and compartmental syndromes. Raising heels can strengthen the muscle and keep it toned in an even manner so as to reduce the chances of cramps as well. A session of 2-3 minutes done 5 times in standing position is advisable.

Air knee kick

This exercise is different from high knee jog. The knee is kept bent and kicked in the air in a not-so-fast manner. It should be performed before running on a daily basis but extreme caution should be taken not to take hip in extreme flexion. Speed should be in control otherwise it would lead to groin stretch and pain. Do it in moderation and it will do wonders in running speed and stamina. Repetitions can be done from 10-15 at each leg in a set of 2. Try doing it on a single knee at a time.


Yet another exercise to help increase the speed as well as stamina for running enthusiasts. A forward walking lunge is highly recommended rather than the backward lunge when the running event is less than a week away. Do lunges in a repetition of 12-15 daily for boosting your running performance. It ll help in the explosive time required for running in higher speed.

Squat jump

I must say it’s one of my favorite exercise when it comes on the terms of training lower limbs. It’s done by going in a half-squat position followed by jumping on a box or stair or bench or even level ground. It do increase the power in hamstring muscles so as to provide a better stamina and speed while running. It remarkably decreases the chances of pulling your hamstrings which is quite common while a distance run or a short run as well. A repetition of 12-15 in 3 sets are quite effective if done daily during a few days from a running event.

Variable training

Do mix and match with your training protocol when a few days away from a marathon. It definitely help increase the stamina of muscles so as to make that running event a memorable day in your minds and photo album. Mix slow running and fast running in between your training days and you’ll see the results on the event day.

Note: Do the exercises as recommended as overdoing them just a few days earlier to the marathon will induce injuries.

Have fun at the ADHM event and paint the city red with your spirits.. My best wishes to all the runners!!

Any queries and suggestions are very much welcome!!

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