Respiratory exercises for COVID-19 recovery

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I have been away from blogging for quite a long time now, thanks to the increased cases of Corona Virus Pandemic Second wave. I have been busy treating active cases in ICU and recovery cases. Patients with respiratory distress in terms of Pneumonia and fibrosis are the most commonly seen. It leaves patient with decreased tidal volume of lungs and even more hampered exercise tolerance. A number of cases are still recovering from exertional dyspnea.

As an active Physio I am here to advice you a few breathing exercises to be on the move…

Lateral Costal Breathing Exercises

This particular exercise has proved itself to be one of the most effective breathing exercise to be done in recovering from lung fibrosis occurring especially during COVID-19 INFECTION. How is it done?

Place your hands on either sides on your rib-cage and start breathing.

Feel your hands move laterally(side to side) upon inhalation and exhalation.

Pursed Lip Breathing Exercises

Yet another easy yet effective breathing exercise to practice. How is it done?

Breathe in with your nose.

Breathe out slowly through your mouth with lips just a bit apart as if blowing air on hot coffee!!

Incentive Spirometer

Have you seen a breathing device with colorful balls in it? Yes that’s a Spirometer and is given to almost every patient recovering from respiratory dysfunction or after any major surgery.

Now a million dollar question, how it’s done?

Hold the Spirometer at your face height.

Suck or inhale air through the tube attached to it. And raise the balls.

No exhalation should be performed with it.

Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises

A brilliant exercise to relax your accessory muscles of respiration which are otherwise over-engaged and tired if you are hyper-ventilating. How to do that?

Sit or lie down comfortably.

Place your hands over your stomach.

Breathe slowly and feel the movements of hands and your belly.

When you breathe in, your belly and hands placed over it should rise up and when you exhale your belly should go back.

Remember to Breathe in your belly and its done!!!

Recover, Rest, Repeat!!!

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