Protein sources in diet

We know that protein is such an important part of our diets. It helps us recover after workouts, protects our bones, and even gives us energy.

As we age our muscles gradually get weaker and our bones become frail leading to muscle wasting, fractures, drastically decreasing your quality of life. Maintaining a good amount of protein in your diets much earlier on, starting in your 20s, helps to prevent all that weakening and decompensating from happening.

While eating protein can’t stop aging in its tracks, it can help with “repair” as things start breaking down.

The older we get, the more ‘repair’ we need, and protein is our body’s main tool in performing repairs—that is true for inside and outside. Even our hair, skin, and nails need more of an assist through the years. [Women, especially] experience a lot of shifts in our hormones through our lives and protein remains an essential part of keeping them in balance and healthy.

People should also eat more protein as they age. As we age, the recommended protein intake increases to help prevent our muscles from deteriorating and to help our bodies recover from injuries properly.

Get Veggie and go nuts

Most people think of our animal-based proteins first. But when it comes to longevity and healthy aging, plant-based proteins play a key role thanks to their better-for-you fats and antioxidants. Broccoli is the highest protein containing vegetable which is considered to be at par with animal protein in nutritional value.

Pistachio nuts and hemp hearts are some of the vegetarian options. One serving of this plant-based protein offers up 6 grams of protein. Plus their colors of green and red-purple come from those antioxidants. Another great plant-based protein are Hemp Hearts, 1 serving provides 10 grams of protein and they are a good source of B vitamins that will help to keep your energy levels up throughout the days and years! Just add them to your morning oats and smoothies.

Get Eggsy

When it comes to animal proteins, eggs are an excellent choice. Just one egg provides 6 grams of high-quality protein and is an excellent source of choline, a nutrient that works to support cognition, keeping our brain sharp through the years. Another bonus of eggs is that they have carotenoids, which promote healthy eyes as we age. Scramble them with spinach for breakfast, go hard boiled for a snack, and for dinner, mix them with your veggies.


Seafood is another great choice because of its serious omega-3 fatty acid content. Omega-3 fatty acids [help decrease] inflammation throughout the body, working to fight against premature effects of aging. Foods like Clams, Shrimp, Lobster are a few examples which contains a lot of protein and can be included in any of your meal throughout the day. Fishes like Salmon, Lake trout, Mackerel, Tuna are a great source if you are a fish eater.

Dairy products

Dairy products are included almost everyday in our meal, either in the form of milk with breakfast cereal, a cup of yogurt with our lunch or a glass of buttermilk to go with meals or as a refreshing drink. All the kind of cheese also are packed with high protein content and are super tasty to munch on. Cheese is also considered as a power food in many regions owing to its nutritional values.

Animal protein

The most common and rich sources of animal protein comes majorly from Chicken and Turkey. Some consider pork Tenderloin to be good source of protein as well. You can include these kind of sources in your mid-day meals, snacks or they can be a part of your whole meal.

Increase your protein the way you like!!!

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