Preventing Shin Splints


On the occasion of Global Running Day we are going to discuss the most common complaint which almost every runner or people walking briskly on a regular basis have came across!! A feature of experiencing an excruciating pinching type of pain while performing their running/walking routine is referred as shin splints. It is also called as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome. The common presenting complaint is experience of pain and stiffness at the shin bone area during and after running. Character of pain may differ from person to person as pinching, binding or heaviness in the concerned area.

What if I tell you the cause of shin splint/pain doesn’t lie at the shin bone only…??

Yes…. It arises due to weakness of calf muscles, weak hip muscles(glutes), tightness of calf muscles, tightness and weakness of anterior thigh muscles(quads).

So, u wanna avoid getting shin splints in future; perform these exercises regularly:


These are the specific exercises for strengthening the lateral(outer) part of the hip which is generally ignored during many hip exercises. A majority of people are not aware of this fact that weakness of these muscles will eventually lead to weakness of inner part of thigh and calf muscles hence leaving shin bone prone to pain while running. Get your glutes strengthen and prevent having shin splints.

Donkey kicks

Yet another exercise for strengthening your glute muscles. It makes your hip muscles take the much needed work decreasing the load on your anterior shin areas and hence preventing shin splints. Resistance bands can be used in progression of these exercises.

Single leg bridges

An exercise which not only works on your back and hips but also provides a better balance and strength to the lower limbs. It can be done in a thrusting manner for improvement in power and a 10-15 second hold as strengthening exercise.

Calf raises

Calf raise is the most wonderful exercise for getting your calf muscle toned up and it can be done anywhere be it ground, stairs, gymnasium or office. You only need a raised platform and you are good to go. Weights can be added in order to increase the magnitude of strength of calf muscles.

Note: Kindly consult your Physio if you experience shin splints even long time past your running routine.

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Have a great time running and steer clear of shin pain!!!


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