Posture redefined

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In today’s time the majority of spine and joint troubles experienced are majorly due to a bad posture. And since it is the topic which everyone wants to talk and know about & already have a lot of articles and suggestions about getting it corrected, here is my take on it.


The position in which our body is kept or aligned while doing anything. The good posture involves taking care of the curves and alignments which should be maintained for the body or more importantly muscular and skeletal well  being. And the bad posture is completely opposite to it obviously, which exerts much more pressure on the body so as to having power of damaging it if kept done in long run.

Mirror-Mirror on the Wall

One of the easiest way to correct your posture is to keep checking yourself in mirror to see whether you are standing tall and straight or not. Although its difficult to do that frequently but at least do it thrice a day for a few days and then either you’ll get used to check yourself in mirror or you will get the postural sense improved in a few days (i.e. Proprioception). Doing either of them are beneficial and will yield the purpose.

Sit in the Chair

As the title is self explanatory one should try to be sitting with back firmly supported on the chair’s backrest with complete contact. Arms can be resting on the armrests or on lap or on the working desk. The height of the chair should be adjusted so as to achieve a straight back with the working screen at the level of eyes which can attained by either lowering the chair height or using a higher platform or stand for the screen. Doing this will reduce stress on your back and neck equally.


Start doing some desk stretches in order to relax your muscles which get tense and taut by being in the same posture for a long time. It can include a walking stroll around your cubicle on the office floor or taking a few flight of stairs in between to stretch legs and keep the blood flowing and enhance proper muscle pumping. A mobile phone reminder/alarm can be set on hourly basis or 2-hour interval in order to get the activity in order.

Stay Active

This is the one of the most effective tips for improvement of posture. Start doing any kind of exercise you enjoy, be it walking, cycling, running or swimming. A sport of choice can be chosen as well. Weight training & cross-fit training can also be taken up.

Climbing stairs is also a great form of exercise but not to be confused with a proper workout regimen. It can be an alternative to using elevators but cannot replace an aerobic exercise to be done for at least 30 minutes of your day.

Following an exercise regimen regularly and religiously helps grow your posture holding muscles with activity muscles thus resulting in less fatigue and higher energy levels. Muscles get more flexible and stronger and improves the posture remarkably.


So let’s end the slouching phase of our lives and head for a healthy & a smarter future.

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