Pointers for DIABETICS

While world diabetic day has just passed on November 14, here are a few pointers for all of the diabetic patients about what should they ditch and what all should they do..

Ditch colas

Almost all the diabetic patients should ditch the colas and sodas out of their diet. They are extremely sugary and even if the label says it is zero sugar but is an aerated drink it is still not okay for a person with high blood sugar.

Butter or Cheese: moderation is the key

As a diabetic, you can consume butter and cheese as they have low glycemic index but only in moderation. Giving you a heads up doesn’t mean that you should opt for larger portions of these two carbohydrate loaded dairy products and end up having your sugar spiked up.

Kick the butt

Smoking is another habit all the diabetics should completely stop with immediate effect. It increases the damage level and put you on the high risk of atherosclerosis if you are a diabetic.

Check your alcohol intake

Watching your drink has the literal meaning if you have a high blood sugar level. Alcohol intake increases your blood sugar level and gets a diabetic person dehydrated earlier and for prolonged time than a normal person. It also can increase your chances of liver changes which are degenerative and irreversible in nature.

So, yes!! Those heavy drinking days are passé now!! Stick to 1-2 drinks maximum and you are sorted.

Start an exercise routine

Start an exercise routine to keep your blood sugar levels in check. Whether it is running, walking, cycling or weight training, any form of exercise will serve the purpose of retaining flexibility and strength in your muscles.

Take meals at regular intervals

Sticking to a time table for your meal patterns is a huge go for diabetic people if you want to keep your sugar levels in sane limits. Not eating for a longer time may lead to hypoglycemic attacks and eating too much on an empty stomach may spike up your blood glucose levels.

So, eating tiny meals at regular intervals keeps you healthy and away from any complications.

Stay healthy & stay safe!!!

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