Osteopenia: The modern epidemic

In modern times, there is lack of time and therefore taking care of body is highly neglected. Also leading a sedentary lifestyle have set in resulting in decreased physical activities which leads to dip of the bone mass & density.

The meaning is in its name only: OSTEO- bones; PENIA- lack/deficiency.

The weakening of bone by loss of calcium and minerals is termed as Osteopenia. And its the midpoint between healthy bones and porous bones.

We are here to discuss the prevention of this modern day handicapping condition.

Diet & Nutrition

A diet rich in Calcium & Vitamin D is recommended to increase and to maintain bone density. A regular intake of dairy products, spinach, beans, fish like mackerel, soybeans definitely increase the amount of calcium in your body whereas for the increase in vitamin D levels can be achieved by including tuna fish, salmon fish, eggs and not to forget dairy products.

Get out in the Sun

Yes, getting out in the Sun is a great way to generate vitamin D in your body. The part of sun rays essential to produce vitamin D in the human body are UV-B rays which are present in the sunlight when the Sun is high in the sky. Bare skin should be exposed to sunlight in order to reap that benefit. The favorable time period is between 10am- 3pm.

So, getting a tan is not only cool but a great boon for your bone strength as well.

Kick the butt

Smoking is a definite no-no for the weaker bones. Intake of tobacco products lowers the level of estrogen hormone which is helpful to bones in holding calcium and other minerals and specially for women after menopause.

Here is 1 more reason to kick that butt. Its never too late to quit this filthy habit to regain your bone health.

Flush that Cola too

Its high time to cap the nasty habit to complete your meal with a cola. It contains Phosphoric acid which is definitely not good for the bone density. Phosphorous is otherwise plenty in our daily diet. Adding cola to the routine harm instead of benefiting as it chews away the minerals of our bony structures.

Alcohol restriction

Excessive and regular alcohol intake interferes with calcium absorption of bones hence making them weaker. It also disrupts the production of vitamin D making the condition further worse. An increase in Cortisol levels (Stress hormone) are evident which is also known to decrease bone formation.

Stay active

The most effective way to avoid and prevent the weak bones is by keeping active and getting a regular dose of exercises. Any form of exercise whether its weight training, walking, jogging, running, swimming, playing competitive sports is a great way to strengthen your bones and muscles. A regular workout routine increases the blood flow to the musculoskeletal system hence enhancing the supply of minerals to bones and nourishing them appropriately. It is highly advisable to exercise in your desired way with a caution of increasing the intensity gradually.

Note: Kindly consult a Physio before starting an exercise regimen if you are already suffering from weak bones.

What are you waiting for, Step out and get your bones strong!!!

Any queries and suggestions are very much welcome!!


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