Non -dairy sources of calcium you did’nt knew

We all know that calcium is a vital nutrient required for bone and muscle health as well as plays an important role in normal functioning of vital organs of our body. The main sources of calcium known to us generally are milk and other dairy products, right?? How is it possible for people with lactose intolerance (allergic to milk & dairy products) get calcium in their diet without medicinal supplementation?? They very well can.

There are a number of non-dairy foods that are rich in calcium at par or even have more nutrient value per serving in terms of calcium.

List of non-dairy food sources of calcium:


You may have raw almonds, almond milk, soaked almonds: all are rich in calcium and are good in antioxidants as well.

Dark leafy veggies specially Spinach

A bowl of cooked leafy veggies can easily help supplement your dietary calcium needs. Spinach among all is the richest source of calcium and iron.




cooked okra

sesame seeds

white beans



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