Nature rejuvenates itself during the COVID-19 lockdown period

Whole of the India is under lockdown for prevention of spreading COVID-19 and some areas are completely sealed to check the disease from spreading manifold. Where the human race is under danger and keeping indoors to avoid any contact and are practicing social distancing among each other, our mother nature seems to rejuvenates itself in the meanwhile. It seems to be healing itself with the absence of lethal pollutants whether it is air borne or water pollutants. Even the noise has been tremendously down in the neighborhood with less traffic around and none of the factories working.

Lets see the changes seen in the nature during the lockdown period.

Clear sky

The sky has never been so blue in the recent times. We reckon the actual color of the sky is blue. Even the night sky is so clear that the moon seems brighter than ever and we can actually spot star constellations otherwise not visible on the foggy or I should say polluted sky. Sunshine is brighter and the soothing due to the decreased carbon emissions.

Animals spotted in urban areas

A few examples of spotting of animals to roam freely into the urban areas which may have been their habitats once. Even some wild animals are seen in the town areas. Is it due to the lesser amount of pollution or the fearlessness due to the decreased level of noise and constant jungle encroachment in the name of development? Are we encroaching the sanctity of the wildlife creatures in the name of adventure and land acquirement? This question stands towering among ourselves..

Birds are back in cities

Stand on your balcony in the early morning or in the evening and you’ll be able to listen chirping of birds and even spot them. Either this is a result of absence of constant noise of traffic or we were not able to hear them due to honking and excessive revving of automobile engines. Whatever the reason was, it’s almost heavenly to wake up with a melodious chirps we have been missing and makes the day cheerful.

Clean rivers

With the minimum amount of chemical dump happening, our rivers have got cleaner and free of toxic waste. The river which used to fume with a toxic foam once is now healthier and cleaner. Also, other pollutants which were sued to be dumped in rivers in the name of religion have also been negligible. We seriously need to think about ways to keep our water sources clean even after this lockdown period is over.

Better air quality

Air quality index has drastically improved in the lockdown period. The fumes coming out of industries, the carbon loaded automobile exhaust have been killing the air quality making it almost unbreathable. It’s been around 20 days only and our air got so much better.

My major concern is that can we try to keep these changes as much as possible?

What are the solution we can take to let the environment be in this sustainable yet productive phase?

If we still didn’t open our eyes and come out of this habit of destroying our nature, will we be able to survive for long?

These questions are directed towards everyone of us, the common man, the governments, the social workers!!

Replies and comments are welcomed for the concerning topic!!

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