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I must say this, ladies wearing heels look ultra pretty and confident all the time walking with the neatest of walking patterns. Almost heart-taking isn’t it?? But I’m sure ladies out there know the pain they go through after a long day of wearing heels. Moving around in stilettos does take a toll on legs and complaints of pain and cramps are almost always presented. Somehow any pain is not much of a demotivating factor for the ladies to stop wearing them. And even we don’t want that to happen either as it will make the world around a bit less gorgeous!!

So, here are a few exercises to keep your feet healthy if you want to continue wearing heels without getting uncomfortable after..

Calf raises

Its a wonderful exercise for strengthening and toning of your calf muscles. Whenever footwear with high heels is worn these are the muscles which are compromised and are forced to work a lot harder than usual. Calf muscles are more or less always in the contracted form so as to hold your knees and ankles in a stable form. They get weak with regular wearing of stilettos and is a general complaint among ladies. Perform this exercise twice a day with a repetition of 15 in a set.

Ankle alphabets

Perform this exercise to get rid of stiffness experienced in ankle joint after wearing heels for a long time. Write alphabets in air with your feet one at a time. Also remember to not keep your leg hanging for long to avoid overuse or strain. This exercise will help mobilize all the bones present in and around your ankle joint to ease up the tension built and the muscles get loosen up with the different movements done in order to write every other alphabet.

Arch rolls

Roll a ball beneath your sole to relax and massage the stretched plantar fascia due to prolonged weight bearing in a crooked position. A soft cushioning ball or a tennis ball or a golf ball can be used as per the person’s comfort. Rolling a ball will increase the blood flow across the sole and help wash out any extrastitial fluid leaving the arch and the plantar fascia relaxed and swelling free.

Toe curls

Curling your toes is an excellent workout to do immediately after removing heels to help them relax and get rid of all the stiffness suffered during the wearing period. A cloth towel or a handkerchief can be placed under foot and curling and uncurling movement can be performed for strengthening of toe muscles to endure more time of comfortably wearing high heel shoes.

Calf stretch

Stretching of your calf muscles will surely reduce the stiffness and chances of cramps. Regular stretching relaxes and help the muscle to stay in an elongated state to encounter the risk of shortening of muscle due to continuous micro-contractions muscle have to do to stabilize the standing position in high heels. Try doing it more often if you are a regular high heel wearing person.

Note: Please consult a Physio if you experience any difficulty in performing these exercises or suffering from any problem in or around ankle joints.

So ladies,Walk pretty in heels and keep the world a bit more glamorous!!!

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