Life lessons to learn from Sherlock Holmes

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As we all know Sherlock Holmes is one the most loving fictional character created by the famous British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The lead character of Sherlock Holmes is a consulting detective based in London. He is assisted by his friend Dr. John H. Watson who is a retired army official. His famous residing address 221B Baker Street, London served as his consulting chambers as well. His intelligence and deductive skills are above par than most of the people whereas his social skills have always been far below. We can learn quite a handful things from this character!!

Lets take a look at the life lessons we can learn from Sherlock Holmes:

Always be curious

A trait which we all need to acquire from this character to grow in life. Being curious helps us to gain knowledge and broaden our spectrum. As he being a private investigator is always curious about almost all the things he come across. I suppose that’s what makes him a great detective. Let’s take it as a life lesson and be invincible like him.

Paying attention to every single detail

There is an old saying “Devil is in the detail” which completely get its actual meaning when we go through his work style. If you pay attention even to the smallest detail in your daily life, the number of your achievements automatically get higher, your work improves, you get the due credit and recognition of the work done. And like Sherlock you’ll become a highly sought professional.

Never give up

Have you ever seen Sherlock back out from an unsolved mystery ever?? Never!! That’s the attitude we all need to acquire in our daily lives to get the work done, no matter how difficult it may seem. Lets trust Sherlock on this and push up our limits!!

Think outside the box

At times we need to be super creative and look for the solution of a problem in an unorthodox manner. Thinking outside the box have almost always worked for our favorite detective and we are certain that it’ll also help us getting out of the soup once in a while.

There is more than 1 way to approach a problem

There are many ways to reach a solution of the problem and it may not be the acknowledged one. Sherlock has always been the torchbearer of trying alternative approaches for a single problem. Even if one approach fails, we are still left with other ways to explore the challenge.

Lets be like Sherlock, Lets learn from him!!

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