Indian inventions during the covid-19 pandemic

We truly are the land of innovations and inventions. Our country has produced great scientific minds like Aryabhatt, Dr. C.V. Raman, Homi J. Bhabha and many more. The list is ongoing and seems endless. Even now, our new generation is not lagging behind in taking forward the legacy. They are leaving no stone upturned to help us in the difficult times of COVID-19 outbreak.

‘Feluda’ A paper strip test to detect Covid-19 in minutes

As our country is fighting against the spread of coronavirus disease, there is a dire need for cheap and effective testing kit for the disease. Dr. Souvik Maiti and Dr. Debojyoti Chakroborti have reportedly developed a strip test to check covid-19 which can give results in minutes. It can cater to the urgent need for rapid-testing in our country. According to a report,’the test uses the cutting-edge gene editing tool Crispr-Cas9 to target and identify the genomic sequences of novel coronavirus in the samples of suspected individuals. It is named after the filmmaker Satyajit Ray’s famous fictional detective Feluda, which has been developed at the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research’s Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (CSIR-IGIB), New Delhi.

It might cost around INR 500 and can be used without any machine or specialized skills.

Portable UV sanitizer for currency notes

This practical and portable UV sanitizer is developed by IIT-Bombay researchers. It can be used to disinfect currency notes, mobile phones wallets and other small items. As sanitiser gel can not be used to sanitize papers, files, mobile phones etc which are possible carriers of the coronavirus. It is developed by Industrial Design Centre at the institute. The team is also working on products for sanitizing bigger things with UV light.

Smart helmet with sanitiser spray

Ravi kumar Devara, an engineering graduate came up with the idea of self sanitizing helmet made with simple things. He used rubber tube as a pipe inside for sanitiser and a plain simple set of glasses for protection and covering eyes. Whenever it is unlocked, the mask squirts a few drops of sanitiser in order to sanitise it effectively. He prefers to go with government collaboration in order to keep the price reasonable for availability to every class of people.

Robotic units to serve food & medicines

This is called the proper use of robotics..!!

Robots have been deployed in states like Kerela, Jharkhand and the city of Bengaluru to serve food and medicine to COVID-19 patients in order to promote prevention in medical staff in the hospitals. The purpose is to minimise the human intervention keeping the social distancing rule in mind.

Drones to sanitise large areas

IIT-GUWAHATI students have developed a drone with automated sprayer system to sanitise large areas such as roads, parks and footpaths to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. The student group, having a startup named RACERFLY has already approached Assam and Uttarakhand government to join hands in the fight against coronavirus spread. IT can be operated from a single point and monitoring and recording facility with a signal range of 3 kms. The drone is crash-proof and it adjusts itself to avoid obstacles as said by Anant mittal, a civil engineering student at IIT-Guwahati.

A country which never ceases to amaze the world.. A Proud Indian!!!

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