Happiness Mantras

Yes!! Trust me, you ll swear by them after reading…

We tend to give away our happiness and calm for things which shouldn’t matter to us. Why? Let’s not do that. We don’t have to get serious about every little thing which is not going as planned or some action or words of others which keep affecting us. No wonder there are so many unsatisfied people everywhere. Not everyone can have everything. Lets take a look at the basic mantras to become happier in our lives!!

 Get inspired not jealous!!

A majority of people tend to get sad due to sheer jealousy of possessions other person have. If we overthink the thought that the other person doesn’t deserve to be happy instead of being happy ourselves, we are at fault. If someone is doing great for their lives, Great!! Instead of getting jealous its better to be inspired by success and try doing things which will make us succeed in our respective lives as well.

Think, Not Overthink

Thinking is productive but Over-thinking is destructive. We all tend to do this at some point of time in our day to day life. Its not good for the brain. If we do it more often, we may develop anxiety issues or even depression. A simple trick of doing a productive thinking about something, if you are stuck at some point and not able to think rationally take a break. Over-thinking may make it worse.

Stay connected

Stay in touch with your loved ones, talk to them about a problem you can’t think a solution of. You may get a solution out of someone you expect the least or better, talking something else will clear your mind to be able to take fresh approach towards your problem or at times your life.

Do as you please

Sabse bada Rog, Kya kahenge Log!!

One of the most common factor behind us not doing things which we like, it’s completely fine as far as we don’t hurt anyone, physically or mentally. If you feel you are doing right, you need not to explain each and everything you desire. And a famous line of a song goes perfectly for this scenario

“Kuch to log kahenge, Logo ka kaam hai kehna”

Stop expecting too much

We often get hurt by the doings of other people being different or opposite of what we expected. We need to chill as far as the job is getting done in a fair manner. Leave the expectation drama to the typical TV soap operas and please don’t adapt that in our daily lives.

Smile, Giggle and Wiggle

Smile and move on!!

Yes, a million dollar mantra.. If you can smile and take things lightheartedly, believe me there is nothing which can bother you or take your happiness away, at least in this lifetime. Find happiness in the tiniest things of daily routine. A coffee, A hobby, Playing with your pet, Hugging your child,, Whatever works for you.

You are in-charge of your own happiness, be a good one!!! 

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