Exercises that can be easily done while at home

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Who says we need to go to gym or outdoors to stay fit and maintain our healthy body?? You can even get a chiseled body by working out in home only. And the people who need themselves to physically active because they are needed to be due to some medical issues can benefit from home exercises protocol. You can use the objects available at your house for exercises.


If you have a home with availability of stairs in the house or live in an apartment building with staircase, you can very well use them in this lockdown period. You can run a shuttle on stairs or can perform simple stair climbing as an exercise to keep your lower limb joints active especially knees and hips. You can use stairs for incline or decline push-ups, box jump, squat jump and many more exercises.


Walls can be used as stabilizing tool in most of the exercises. You can do numerous exercises with the support of wall. Knee and hip pain patients can strengthen their joints with wall supported squats in a limited range while more active people can opt for larger degrees of range to the same exercise. Stretches of sole of foot and hamstrings can also be performed with the support of wall. And more fit people can try their hand at handstand with legs supported on wall.


Sit Stand Lie, do whatever you can or you want to do on the floor. You want to dance, walk, squat, push-up, hop, skip or any kind of exercise you can think of, can be done on floor of your home. Yoga is also generally performed on the floor. 

Free weights 

If you own any kind of free weights, and you are still not using them for exercises then you are wasting the time you are spending at home. If you don’t have weights of any kind you can make weights with water filled bottles or use food packets as weights.

Home furniture

Use your table, bed or chair as a support for stretches, incline or decline push-ups, exercises for your upper body, support for squats etc. You can perform both strengthening and stretching exercises while taking support of the furniture already present in your house.         

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