Exercises for Foot Bunions

Do you have a bump in your foot around your big toe and it pains a lot.. Its called a Bunion which occur when the tissue at the base of big toe swell up and creates a bump on side of the foot. The pain caused is at times intense and it eventually leads to the arthritis of the big toe joint. The pain can be managed by exercises and flexibility can be regained by regular practice of some specific exercises.

Here are a few exercises to get relief from bunion pains

Toe stretches

Stretching your toes to point upwards and curling them back is a great form of exercise to get the stiffness relieved associated with bunion present in the great toe and hammer toes. Hold the stretch for 5 seconds and repeat it for at least 15 times in a session.

Ball roll

A hard & small ball is recommended for rolling under your toes. It surely relieves the strains which is present due to weight bearing on a deformed toe. A golf ball can be used to roll for about 2 minutes against the floor.

Towel curls

Place a towel on the floor with your foot on the towel. Bend your toes so as to curl up the towel beneath and then straighten the towel with your toes only. It will help regaining the strength and flexibility in your forefoot.

Picking marbles

Place around 15 marbles on the floor and pick them up using your forefoot and toes and place them in a bowl or a glass. Its a great form of strengthening exercise for your weak toes.

Walk on a beach

If you are a beach bunny then its great for your deformed foot as well. Walk on the beach sand with bare feet and it will help relaxing the strain around your bunion as it offers strengthening and a mild massaging effect for your feet.

Note: Kindly consult a Physio for an assessment before starting these exercises on your own.

Don’t let bunion come in your way of moving ahead!!!

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