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First of all, what is Dementia?

It is not a disease. It is rather a collective term used for impaired ability to remember, think or make decisions that interferes with activities of daily living. It mostly affects old age group and not seen in young adults. The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease.

Although Dementia is a degenerative disorder but there are lot of work we can do to manage such patients with cognitive disabilities. Health care professionals across the globe practice and benefit the patients to delay the process of degeneration and conserving the abilities as much as possible.   

Creative therapy

A patient suffering from any kind of dementia can benefit from any form of creative outlet. It may be in form of learning to play any musical instrument or starting to paint. It also helps in improvement of fine motor skills and memory formation by stimulating the area of brain responsible for cognitive skills.


A game of scrabble with the affected patient helps in memory formation and delays the speed of impairment of learning and cognitive abilities.

Group activities

Seniors who spend their time time socially will experience a slow rate of decline in cognitive abilities than the person spending time alone. Any activity that interests them the most will be beneficial and keep them involved. The more they are involved the more they concentrate in the activity hence improving their cognitive health.


Last but not the least, making the seniors do complete body movements and any sort of aerobic exercise helps in improving the muscle tone. Regular physical exercise also improves the blood circulation in whole of the body and brain helping in managing the disease well.

Take care of your elders!!

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