Exercises for a healthy heart

We are surrounded by majority of factors which makes our body unhealthy and most importantly our blood pumping organ, our Heart weaker day by day. Our Heart being a very important organ needs to be healthy to function properly and to be able to pump blood without over-stressing. A good exercise routine can help in keeping heart healthy. And if you are having a distressed heart, you need to get yourself moving but take it in a slow progressive pattern.

A few types of exercises for getting your heart healthy:


A kind of exercise that can be done anywhere and is a good form of getting your cardio-vascular workout done. A session lasting from half an hour to 45 minutes is the recommended time for an ideal aerobic workout. Always remember to warm up and cool down properly with your workout session.


Swimming is recommended as a wholesome workout for your whole body and it surely gets your heart pumping. Swimming laps in the pool are a great measure to prevent and improve your cardio-vascular capacity of working efficiently and it does helps in reduction of body weight as well.

Weight training

Weight training under proper guidance can definitely make your heart function better while toning your muscles. You can use your own body weight or different types of weights available. For patients suffering with heart disease a light weight training protocol is recommended. A proper breathing pattern should be practiced while performing these exercises to avoid any complications.


A known form of exercise which can be done indoors or outdoors effective equally. It not only helps in weight reduction but also keeps your heart healthy with a much needed cardio-vascular workout. A low resistance cycling session is recommended for cardiac patients.


As we all know that yoga is a form of complete workout and hence also qualifies as the workout for heart as well. Holding yoga poses and meditation relaxes and tones up your body effectively with controlling your breathing pattern. It’s a great kind of exercise for people suffering from cardiac disease and it allows them to get their breathing pattern back to normal and shedding those extra kilos to decrease the load on heart.

Note: Always consult your Physio & Physician prior starting workout if you are a cardiac patient.

If you experience any complications of light headedness, dizziness, chest pain or nausea while exercising, rush to the nearest hospital.

Start your exercise & Get your heart healthy!!!

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