Essentials for your home gym..

Getting fit is the new cool now.

The World has become conscious towards their health and many people are setting gyms or a workout space at their home.

Be it a small workout space or a large one, you must have a few equipment to make your gym complete and functional.

so here are a few essentials for a wholistic approach to your workout.

Yoga Mat

A first and foremost requirement for your personal gym. No matter you start with Stretching, Pilates or Yoga it is the basic need to have in your workout space.

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Resistance tubes

A pack of resistance tubes can help to kickstart your workout routine. A pack generally includes tubes of different resistance power and helps in upgrading your resistance requirement gradually. Also, it have an attachment to anchor it to your door or wall if you are exercising alone.

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Swiss Ball

A great exercise tool for improving your balance and to workout your core muscles. It can be used in workout of different body parts while engaging your core area. It serves as a assistance device in some tough exercises as well.

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Resistance loop

Like resistance tubes, these elastic loops are a way of working out with uniform resistance throughout the range. They prove beneficial in both strength training and rehabilitation.

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Resistance bands

A pack of resistance is a must for home gym setup. A great tool for gaining flexibility or strength training in a uniform manner. A range of workout from Pilates to Yoga, Strength training to Rehab can be done effectively with resistance/elastic bands.

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Set up your home gym now..!!!

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