Digital detox mantra

We all are surrounded by digital technology, and dependent on it so much that it have started hogging our personal time now. Everyone need to get away from digital modes before it empowers us and engulf our life completely.

But we need to cut the digital time or Detox from the digital life for a certain amount of time to stay connected with ourselves and to connect with our near and dear ones. It also hampers our productivity and disturbs our sleep cycle. 

The only method legit enough to reduce the stress generated is by cutting down on our screen time (non-work related). Although it is not easy but what’s the harm in trying…?

Begin your day with self indulgence

Starting from the morning itself, instead of reaching your phone first thing in the morning opt for exercise or meditation session. Indulge in some activities which calm u and promote self-indulgence. You may try gardening, yoga, meditation, going for a walk and many more. You just have to break the monotony and decrease your screen time.

Limit your screen time

How would you like if you are on a date and your date keeps on checking his/her phone in between? It kills the interest and lowers the chance of going on a second date with the person…

Now imagine the same scenario with your family with everyone on screens on a dinner table… Will you be able to enjoy the family time together?

Ditch your phones when you are with family and learn new things about them. Your mother may have some memories to share, your siblings may have some achievements to boast, your spouse may have some important things to discuss, your child may have some new achievement of their own which they want to proudly present to u..

There are n number of things which can be taken care of if you are away from screen while you are with your family.

Meet up a friend over coffee

Try meeting a friend or a relative over coffee or dinner rather than talking to them over calls, mails or messages. Encourage everyone around you to meet in person rather than meeting and even playing virtually. It is way better for bonding rather than connecting on the tech media.

Plan an outdoor activity

An another way for digital detox is going outdoors. Whether you go out for a vacation where there is less tech involvement or plan a game of football or cricket with your buddies/cousins, it definitely reduces the screen time. Playing in teams on a turf is much better than playing online in a team.

Go ahead and give it a try !!! 

Unplug & enjoy!!!

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