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Busy Busy Busy….

That’s the prime excuse given either for not doing exercises or not been able to take out time for a regular workout session. At times, the daily jobs get too much demanding so as to leave a little time for the person itself.

Won’t it be great if you’ll be able to exercise and move your joints and flex your stiff muscles while sitting on your desk while working?? No work loss and lesser body stiffness issues !!

Here are a few desk exercises that can help you stay flexible and mobile even while you are glued to your workstation.:

Desk neck stretch

Almost every person working on a computer system has complained about getting a stiff neck or developing spasm around neck due to long working hours and it refuses to go away even when the person is resting. It may later develop into a bad postural habit finally resulting in early degenerative changes in the spinal column. A mild stretching exercise like this will help the muscles stay flexible and pain free.

Leg lifts

This particular exercise is great for strengthening and toning your legs while sitting on your chair while working on your desk. You don’t have to stop your work to do this exercise either. As many as 10 repetitions can be done in 2 sets at a time on both the legs alternatively. Hold time can be started from 5 second per lift to 20 seconds as the days pass by.

Desk pushups

These push-ups are like normal ones, only difference being hands supported on the desk/tabletop instead of floor. This way you can easily read a document or a file while working out with this fruitful exercise for upper chest and back. You can start with the low count of 5 repetitions in a set of 3 or as much repetitions and sets you are comfortable doing spread over the whole office time. The stiffness go away from upper body while working and gets you in shape as well.

Chair swivels

A relaxation technique for lower back so as to relieve pressure on the spinal vertebral column. It’s one of the simplest exercise that can be done at your workstation. You just have to swivel your chair side to side to almost 90 degrees while holding desk. It creates a mild torsional force on your spine hence mildly stretching it and promoting relaxation immediately after doing it. As much as 15 repetitive swivels can be done in a moderate speed to each side at a time and can be done upto twice or thrice a day.

Chair sit-ups

Yet another leg exercise without getting away from your work desk. It’s an exercise which strengthens not only legs but lower back as well. It keeps the muscles pumping so as to keep the blood flowing properly and relieve the stiffness experienced during prolonged sitting hours. A set of 3 with 12-15 repetitions is highly recommended.

Start with these exercises and rest of the exercises will follow in second part of the post.

Note: Kindly consult a Physio if any pain is experienced after doing these exercises or prior doing them if already suffering from any musculoskeletal pain.

Go ahead and get in shape even at your work desk!!!

Any queries and suggestions are very much welcome!!

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