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We have discussed a very few exercises which can be done at your workstation previously in the first part of the desk workout blogpost and have recently been asked to update some more exercises. The basic idea about these exercises are to practice them and keep your muscles toned and get rid of spasms which are experienced during long sitting hours. It can surely prevent any major dysfunction of musculo-skeletal component of body.

Here are a few more desk workouts:

Chair dips

This exercise is great for upper body toning specially arms and shoulders. Take a break for 2 minutes and do it for 10 times at least twice a day to ease up the tension built along with toning of your upper body. It uses your own body weight and that gives you full control while performing this exercise as well.

Toe stands

Ever experienced stiffness or fatigue in your calf muscles or ankles.? Do this particular exercise to get rid of the lethargic legs. Calf muscles can easily be toned and get rid of high chances of cramps due to prolonged sitting. It may also prevent the edema problem in lower extremities. Just grab the back of your chair and repeat it for 15 times twice a day.

 Seated Abs twist

Want to work on your abdomen while seated on your workstation?? Practice this exercise and get it done. You just have to take a few moments while doing your work to perform this exercise. Its done the same way you do crunches on the floor, only difference it being done on chair. Repeat it 20 times at least on either side and twice a day to tone your abdomen.

Shoulder rolls

This is the exercise to be done to relax when your neck is crunched up with all the typing work on a long day or to prevent the neck and shoulder spasms. A simple shrugging movement of shoulders along with rolling them clock-wise or anti-clock-wise or both ways. It will surely ease the tension built up in your shoulder and neck area. You can do it whenever and wherever you want.

Note: Kindly consult a Physio if any pain is experienced after doing these exercises or prior doing them if already suffering from any musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Go ahead and get in shape even at your work desk!!!

Any queries and suggestions are very much welcome!!

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