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Its been a long time since whole of the world is facing the Corona Virus Pandemic and its still not safe to be careless and be free to roam around without face mask and protection. The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic has hit many countries and it assures that the Corona Virus is here to stay for a longer time. So, it is better to take precautions and stay safe from the infection.

Everyone knows how to keep themselves safe by sanitising and washing hands on regular intervals, keeping their face masks on and keeping a safe distance from each other.. But what are the things which are not talked about frequently to keep your immunity and health robust to fight against it.

Here are few suggestions to keep yourself and your loved ones safer:

Breathing exercise

Since most of the covid-19 patients and survivors are found to be vulnerable in the respiratory system and most of the casualties are due to leisons in the lung field. It is highly advisable to start performing breathing exercises to improve your lung’s capacity of inspiration and expiration of air. Consult a Pulmunoligist (chest physician) or a Physiotherapist to learn the effective breathing exercises. You can also refer to our other blog

The healthier your lungs are, lesser are the chances of damaging your lungs.

Steam inhalation

Steam inhalation is one of the most trusted ways to keep your lungs healthy. Inhaling steam humidifies lung field which helps in mobilization of cough and secretions with lesser effort than tried on a dry chest. It helps in prevention and curing the Influenza, Cold & Coryza, Chest tightness and even recommended in Corona-virus infected cases.

Stay active

Staying active has always been a root mantra for improving your immunity and staying healthy. It is one of the foremost advice given to everyone for promotive and preventive healthcare management. It doesn’t matter whichever kind of exercise you perform, you just have to be physically active enough to follow an exercise routine of your choice be it an hour of walking, running, swimming, cycling, lifting weights or yoga.

Keep your sugar levels & Blood pressure normal

Keeping a check on your vitals which include your Blood sugar levels and Blood pressure is vital to survive if you are already suffering from these ailments. Raised blood sugar or Increased blood pressure don’t let antibodies adapt with the new virus as they are already engaged in repairing due to damage done in your body due to raised sugar and BP. Keep a strict eye on your vitals or any family member who have these ailments.

Stay Safe everyone!!!

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