Core workout for beginners

Core of the body is the most important part which needs to be trained regularly and should be kept conditioned. Keeping it well agile with a regular workout does helps in reduction of weight and inches, keeps you away from certain diseases and most of all gives your body a great shape. Core is the central area of our body which includes Abdominal area, Lower back and Hips. The major fat deposits get settled on these body sites and are the most difficult to loose as well but not impossible. You have to be patient and religious with your workout routine and it can very well be sorted.

Here are a few exercises for your core workout:


It’s the exercise in which a basic position of a pushup is held for a few seconds to start with. Performing a plank focuses on the muscles around your abdomen, lower back, hips and shoulders. You can gradually increase the holding time starting from 20-30 seconds to a 2 minute hold time.

A number of variations can be done in order to achieve and work over desired core areas. You can refer to Plank variations post I have posted earlier.


It’s a great exercise for toning hips and lower back. A beginner can perform from 10-15 repetitions in a set of 3 and can increase repetition or the hold time progressively. Squatting improves flexibility and strength of hips at the same time.

Reverse Boat

An exercise specially for lower back strengthening. Anyone suffering from back pain is advised to practice this particular exercise on the first hand before starting other core workouts. Doing that for a few days will provide your back enough strength to be able to include other exercises in your workout without much of a trouble.


An exercise which seems repetitive in many of my posts just because it has so much of benefits. It’s an essential exercise for almost all the people with back pain as performing this exercise conditions lower back muscles and hip musculature. Hold time and repetitions can be progressively increased along with variations.

Note: Kindly consult your Physio before starting core workout on your own.

Start giving attention to your core, it is needed!!!

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