Busting myths about back pain

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Most of the people have experienced back pain at some or the other point in life and there are a number of false rumors or what we call them MYTHS about the same. There is still a widespread belief in so called folklore about the pain and its treatment which needs to be addressed properly and put it to an end. As a responsible Clinician I felt its high time I should come out and say it out loud and make all the people understand the difference between myths and facts about the common BACK PAIN.

Let me list out some of the myths that are synonymous to old sayings when it comes to the aching back…

Not every back pain with radiation is disc related or Sciatica

Yes, you read it right. Please stop assuming that if you are experiencing radiating pain to legs along with back pain it must be due to disc degeneration or the famous slipped disc.

Fact: Radiating pain can be experienced due to different lower back or muscular tightness. It can be due to stiffness in hamstring muscles or SI joint involvement around back and many more. Not every pain is nerve related. Please consult an experienced Physiotherapist or Orthopedic consultant before jumping on to any conclusion.

Rest is good for back pain

No, not in every condition. Sometimes it is more harmful than movement. And as of these COVID-19 days, a lot many cases complaining of back pain are due to immobility or bad posture.

Fact: Movement is always good for back pain but you shouldn’t start doing any movement without consulting any Physiotherapist or Orthopedic consultant.

Any kind of Back pain can be treated with the same set of exercises

Again not true. Its just that some other person had the similar pain and he/she got relief by performing a certain type of exercises, it does not ensure that it may benefit you as well.

Fact: Exercise protocol are prescribed as per the patient symptoms and only Joint-related medical practitioners such as Physiotherapists and Orthopedic Consultants should be consulted for this. Also refrain from consulting or asking any other person for back pain as performing wrong exercise can aggravate it.

Lifting weight is prohibited for lifetime

No, That’s not the case at all.

Fact: Once your back pain is relieved and you have performed the basic exercise protocol for a few days as advised by the concerned consultant, you need to visit or consult them for the progressive strengthening exercises. Once your back muscles are strong enough you can easily start lifting weights again but with correct posture.

Wearing Back supporting belt is a savior

Absolutely not.

Fact: The fact about why the new age Physios & Orthos are advising against it because patients tend to overuse the supporting belt resulting in further weakening the back muscles. You only have to use the supporting belt till the time you are unable to move without it due to pain. And it shouldn’t be worn everytime you move. Strengthening your back muscles is the definite way to get rid of effect of prolonged belt usage.

Consult a Physiotherapist or an Orthopedic consultant if you experience back pain of any kind rather than experimenting on your own!!! 

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