Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is a form of exercise practiced all over the world to stay fit, to counter weight issues and also is a great form of sport to be played at international levels. Its a great tool for maintaining and improving your cardio-vascular stamina. You can perform it on a stationary bike in your gym or home while watching your favorite show or can take it outdoors with natural scenic view. There are a lot of cycling groups in every locality who go cycling together and explore the city and natural harbors.

Here are a few benefits you can get if you cycle regularly:

Strengthen your bones

Cycling on a routine basis improves your bone density and strength remarkably. It improves nutrition of bones and muscles by improvement of blood flow and transport of nutrients to the skeletal system. Maintaining posture while cycling helps in strengthening of postural muscles as well.

Improves your cardio-vascular stamina

Cycling is one of the most trusted form of cardio-vascular exercise. When it is done aerobically the level of cardio-vascular endurance improves and get your general health improved. A session of cycling is highly recommended to patients with compromised lung capacities, but strictly under supervision of a medical personnel.

Prevention from hypertension and diabetes

If you choose cycling as a routine sport it helps in prevention from hypertension and high blood sugar levels. A good session of 20-30 minutes of cycling gets your blood flowing all over your body and helps keep high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. It keeps your heart healthy and your glands get the much needed blood flow to function properly.

Environment friendly

One of the greenest way to commute. No emissions, no pollution of any kind. Also saves money from no fuel usage. You benefit the environment around you along with your health.

PS.: Kindly consult your Physio before starting cycling workout if you are suffering from any chronic pain or disease.

Pedal away with fitness and happiness


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