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Summers are on the peak and our beloved Sun is glowing with it’s full power these days. The chances of getting a heatstroke and dehydration are on a rise and you may experience Headache, Weakness, Stomach upset or Thirsty all the time. Excessive sweating while you are out in Sun tends to loss of salt and water from the body and risk of getting dehydrated gets high. And our country is in the tropical area of Earth where the climate remains hot most of the year. And with the temperature reaching above 45 degrees Celsius is a warning sign to us that we need to take the summers seriously.

Our country has a number of drinks to combat the heat wave..

Lemon-soda/ Nimbu-paani/ Shikanji

Basically an Indian version of virgin mojito with a twist and so many names. Our very own lemon drink infused with salt and masala with the soda. The lemon soda is a beverage that can be available at a number of shops in the market and you can very well make it on your own. All you need is Lemon, Salt, Masala, Soda and some Sugar if u please. Add ice to it and enjoy the chilled drink to beat away the heat wave.

Sattu ka sharbat

A drink made with an Indian superfood- Sattu (roasted gram flour) mixed with water. This highly nutritious drink is all you need on the hot days to compensate your water and nutrition loss due to dehydration. It can be served as a sweet or a salty drink. Both sugar and jaggery can be used to sweeten the drink.

Bel-sharbat/ Wood Apple squash

An on point drink for those who are at a risk of heat stroke due to excessive sun-exposure in their daily routine. It cools your whole body and specially your tummy to fight from the soaring temperature in extreme summers. This particular drink is said to be dear to Lord Shiva for its cooling effect as he had drank the poison to save the world and is offered to Lord Shiva during prayers.

Buttermilk/ Chaach/ Lassi

A drink made with yogurt and water is very popular in summers to replenish the fluid loss and electrolytes lost due to sweating during summers. It can be made as a salty drink or a sweet drink as per desire. At times Lassi (sweet buttermilk) is added with a layer of cream on the top to increase the taste and calories.


Yet another Indian drink which is meant for coping with the high temperature of the present season. The main ingredient being the fruit which is also called as the king of fruits i.e. Mango. Raw Mango pulp is mixed with Indian herbs and water to prepare this wonderful beverage. Both salt and sugar are added to the drink in smaller quantities to compensate for the electrolyte and energy loss due to working under the sun.

Rock the summer with these beverages.. Cheers!!

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