Antenatal exercises.


As much as happiness the news of pregnancy brings in life, a certain amount of baggage of discomfort is tagged along as well. Most of the pretty ladies out there who have passed through this phase or are currently experiencing this blissful time of nurturing a life inside them must concur with me on this point. Being pregnant is a tiring work. You are almost always tired, have moods as apart as the hemispheric poles, experience different kinda aches at different times sometimes simultaneously, struggling with cramps and what not.

But these discomforts can never tower over the amazing feeling of expecting!!!

So, today we are going to discuss a few activities you can practice to make this period a lot more relaxed…


Easiest and most advised form of exercise during pregnancy. It helps staying fit and healthy with the strength conditioning of your lower back, knees, ankles and hips. A regular walk helps decrease the chances of cramps in your lower body and reduction of swelling as it enhance the muscles pumping thus resulting in a better blood flow in your body.

Pregnant Hispanic woman running in remote area


A great form of antenatal workout to relax your body. The buoyancy property of water does help your muscles to relax and your stressed joints to relax by making your body weightless. Pool based exercises are a great measure to improve flexibility without over-straining your body.


A form of exercise which caters to physical and mental conditioning at the same time. It improves balance, breathing patterns, stretching and strengthening simultaneously. And the best part of yoga is that you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to practice it.

Gym ball exercises

An exercise tool by which I swear by. Having a gym ball around can make you want to use it every now and then. Sitting on it improves your balance, bouncing gently on it relaxes your hips and lower back, It gets your knees strengthened, conditions your ankles. And you can do a lot of stretching and strengthening of your whole body with it. Grab a gym ball at your nearest sports store and keep it around.

Note: Kindly consult your Obstetrician prior starting any kind of exercise on your own.

Staying fit will make you enjoy the magical time even more!!! Have a healthy pregnancy!!!

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